A Mother’s Selfless Love and Prayers

Never giving up on a wayward son yields a joyous outcome.

Posted in , May 11, 2017

A Mother’s Selfless Love and Prayers

I believe that the closest we can come to understanding God’s love for us is when we reflect on a mother’s selfless love for her children. Mothers put their children’s needs before their own, no matter what. Recently, I read a story about a single mother named Karen that touched my heart.

Karen established clear expectations and boundaries for her son, Thom, early on in life, but as he aged he began to rebel. He ran away from home, dropped out of school, lived on the street and used illegal drugs. During those difficult times Karen knew that God loved her son more than she did and had a plan for him. Through it all she stayed a faithful, loving and prayerful mother. But one day he went too far and stole from her, she was forced to call the police.

Afterwards, they had a rocky relationship and lived apart for many years. Later on he married but eventually left his wife and children. Throughout the years, Karen repeated the same prayer, “Lord, I know you love Thom more than I do. I ask that You protect his physical body and his heart for You so that someday he might become the man You want him to be. Do whatever it takes to make this change happen—and give me the strength to endure the wait and the pain. In the name of Jesus, amen.”

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After 30 years, God answered Karen’s prayer. Today, Thom is the man God intended him to be. He is a devoted husband and father.

How did your mom express selfless love for you? Please share with us.

Lord, thank You for a mother’s selfless love and prayers.

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