How to Teach Your Kids About Faith

Some tips on what to say and what to avoid when talking to your kids about faith. 

Posted in , Oct 24, 2018

Teaching your kids about faith

Everyone must decide how they will proceed with their spiritual journey on their own. However, it is the responsibility of parents to provide context, stories and principles of faith for the children in their family. We must engage and pass on our faith with humility and wisdom, while understanding that our children's faith will develop differently than ours. And most importantly, we must live by example.

Growing up, I was fortunate to have parents who taught my siblings and me about the importance of faith by how they lived each and every day. When I was seven years old, I remember walking to church with my father one Sunday. Before we entered the building, I asked him for money for the collection plate. My father reached into his pocket and handed me a nickel. I was embarrassed by the amount of money he gave me so I asked him for more. In response, he taught me a valuable lesson: What is important is the reason for giving, not how much money you give. Years later, I found out that my father didn’t have much money to give at the time, but he always gave what he could no matter what. On that day, my father taught me about the spirituality of generosity.

We must also teach our children that though life is hard, everything is possible through hope, faith and prayer. No matter what our kids face, God is with them all the time. And when they challenge and question our beliefs and claims, we must embrace their resistance in a positive way, allowing everyone involved to grow and learn from the situation. Above all, we must make sure our children know we love them regardless of the path they choose. 

Lord, give us the wisdom and courage to pass on the gift of faith to the next generation. 

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