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The Guideposts executive editor shares his excitement of a new baby.

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Nothing’s more exciting than hearing about a newborn. Talk about good news!

My friend Jim just had a baby boy and I’m thrilled for him. My mind immediately leaps back to when my boys were first born. I quickly forget the sleepless nights or the anxiety about how could we ever afford children. (I remember fretting about spending a mere $2.50 on a diaper pail.)

Instead I want to tell Jim about the gummy smiles and the sweet scent of your kids after their bath and all those crazy things we built out of Legos.

I never look at my mostly grown sons without seeing their faces when they were babies, wrapped in their first blanket at the hospital. I can’t travel those 15 blocks from the hospital to our home without remembering the excitement I felt at their birth.

And you know what? The excitement is still there when I hear from them by email or by phone. I can’t wait to know what is going on in their lives. I hang on to their every word.

At baptisms at our church one minister used to say, “A new baby is a sign from God that he wants the world to go on.” A new baby is a reason to be filled with hope. Think what the world can become! 

Rick Hamlin is the executive editor at GUIDEPOSTS.

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