The Minecraft Quilt that Brought a Mother and Son Closer

To strengthen her bond with her son, Lisa Wasinger created a Minecraft quilt that combined her love of quilting and his enthusiasm for online gaming.

Look for Lisa's story in the April 2017 issue of Guideposts magazine.

Lisa: Hi Guideposts. I'm Lisa Wasinger.

Lucas: I'm Lucas Wasinger.

Lisa and Lucas: We're the Wasingers.

Lisa: The first quilt I made was for my husband, and he really liked it. And that was when I learned that I really liked to make quilts. Lucas was playing Minecraft. That was the one block that had to be in the quilt. I remember he was the character.

Lucas: The most favorite one. This next one is my most favorite, which is keep calm and game on. I really like it. Now, this one is, like, really cool right here. It's showing that Steve holding a dinosaur in the Nether with his dog.

Lisa: Quilts always have a story. He loved wearing the t-shirts. He loved the game so much. And as he grew out of the t-shirts, I knew that I would have to take these t-shirts and create a quilt. 

So I started confiscating the t-shirts as he grew out of them. I just knew how much he loved the game. I knew how much I loved him. I knew that he would have this for a very long time. I was pretty sure he'd like it as much as I did when I was done with it.

Lucas: What I felt when I saw it for the first time—I was pretty happy because you made this for me. I really appreciate it. And I was wondering where my other Minecraft shirts was until you cut them out and put them on a quilt.

Adding the Minecraft logo and everything—I really like it. It's the best thing that you ever got me, Mom, out of everything that I've ever had before, and I love you very much.

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