Julie, Rebekah and Cade spend some quality time together along the John Muir Trail

7 Tips to Get Your Kids Outside

Have you ever wondered how to get your kids off the couch and into the great outdoors? A mom who hikes with her family offers practical tips and answers to all your questions. 

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Guideposts: Stephanie Thompson shops for eyeglasses with her daughter, Micah

Stephanie Thompson on Faith and Parenting

Stephanie Thompson reveals how she was impacted by having to wear glasses and how she felt, years later, when her daughter faced the same challenge.

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Guideposts Classics: Dick Van Patten on Fatherhood

Guideposts Classics: Dick Van Patten on Fatherhood

In this Guideposts Classic from May 1980, Dick Van Patten, the star of TV’s Eight Is Enough discovers there’s more to being a father than being a good provider.

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Monica Parker blogs about how to raise kids with a sense of wonder

Raising a Child with a Sense of Wonder

How to nurture a kid's unending sense of curiosity. (They are only children once.)

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Jen Hatmaker offers hope for the imperfect family, Guideposts

Hope for Spicy Families

This excerpt from best-selling author Jen Hatmaker's new book For the Love offers hope and humor for families who don't have it all together.

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Author and TV personality Jen Hatmaker shares insights on how her faith informs her parenting.

Jen Hatmaker's Parenting Tips for Busy Moms

This author, speaker, blogger, pastor’s wife, TV personality and—whew!—mother of five reminds us that no parent is perfect. You can only do your best.

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Mom lifts up her daughter as the sun glows in the background My Kids Taught Me How to Live

My Kids Taught Me How to Live

Author Amy Julia Becker learned 5 life lessons from her children.

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An father adopting sons learns about God's perfect timing.

Expectant Father: Waiting with Joy

In the adoption process, God's perfect time brings frustration, then joy.

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A quiet place to listen to God.

A Listening Place

God gave us one mouth and two ears. Should we listen twice as much as we speak?

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Comedian Jim Gaffigan takes inspiration from his wife and five children

Jim Gaffigan: Stand-Up Dad

For this popular comedian, fatherhood is the funniest and most inspiring job in the world...and the most humbling.

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Dayton helped his mom see things with fresh eyes.

The Wonder of Children

A stay-at-home mom is in awe of her 3-year-old who wanted to spend the day taking in the creative works of Pollock, O'Keeffe and Calder. 

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A mother holds her sick daughter

A Mother Knows

Medical professionals sometimes discount a mom's gut feelings about her ailing child, but those hunches are often well-founded.

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Comedian and actor Danny Kaye

Guideposts Classics: Danny Kaye on the Gift of Love

In this story from September 1963, the beloved comedic actor shares a lesson he learned about the nature of parental love.

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Baby Leo

A Father's Love

Samuel Forrest was faced with a tough decision: Give up his newborn son or lose his wife. 

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