True beauty begins with an inner passion. Photo from 123RF(r).

3 Ways for Teens to Cultivate True Beauty

How to get past the media message and delve into something deeper with your daughter.

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Isaiah is growing muscles–inside and out.

Spiritual Muscles

A mother marvels as her boys grow physically, intellectually but especially spiritually. 

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Shawnelle's youngest son, Isaiah

A Matter of Trust

Believing that God will always be here as a young son grows and changes.

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Michelle Cox with husband and grandchildren

Faith, Grandkids and Cupcakes

Finding God's fingerprints in everyday life

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Shawnelle's youngest son proudly sports his first shiner.

Boyhood Bumps, Bruises and Beyond

We can't shield our kids from all pain. But we can teach them to call on the Lord.

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Shawnelle's son Zay holds a jumble of towels.

Parenting in the Middle of a Mess

Amid a jumble of towels and tempers, God was right there to lead the way out.

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Jim Hinch and his children

When Kids Know Best

He thought parenting was something couples did together. But his wife was a busy pastor.

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Michelle's daughter Abby singing in her director's chair.

Trouble Tree Plants and Tight Ropes

My young daughter could pick out Doris Day's voice–but what about God's?

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A father gives his daughter an unforgettable date.

A Memorable First Date

You'll be touched to watch how this father shows his daughter how special she is.

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Elliot being nourished and loved by his mother.

God Shows His Grace Through This Baby Boy

Watch this moving story of a baby who inspired millions despite living just 99 days.

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Actor Eddie Albert

Guideposts Classics: Eddie Albert on Letting God Lead

In this story from January 1962, the Green Acres star shares how he and his wife relied on divine guidance in navigating the process of adopting a child.

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Actress Nia Vardalos

The Sign That Pointed Nia Vardalos Toward Adoption

Thanks to a Los Angeles billboard, acclaimed actress Nia Vardalos and her husband have a daughter to call their own.

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