Special Needs Children

Raising special needs children requires a lot of strength, energy, and knowledge from a parent. Reaching out for both emotional and logistical support from other parents or community organizations is a crucial part of feeling grounded and connected in your daily life with special needs children.

Illustration by © N.A. NOËL

3 Angels Surrounded Her in the Hospital Room

After surgery, her 10-year-old daughter saw heaven-sent messengers flying around the room. 

A angel mother cradling her child; Illustration by Orlando Hoetzel

God's Grace Helped Her Meet the Challenges of Special Needs Parenting

God helped her to be the best mother for her daughter with Down syndrome.

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Simone Gordon; Photo credit: Simone Gordon

How She Became the Black Fairy Godmother

Despite her own struggles, she used Facebook and Instagram to help people in need all across the country. 

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Lori Wood and Jonathan Pickard in Central Park; photo courtesy Lori Wood

This Nurse Went Above and Beyond for a Patient In Need

He needed a heart transplant so she made him a part of the family.

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Four souls with something in common.

How Two Kittens Helped Her Daughter with Special Needs

Adopting the fearless felines helped the 11-year-old conquer her anxiety and gain confidence.

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The Today Show's Al Roker with his son, Nick

Al Roker on How Parenting a Child with Special Needs Inspires Him

The Today show weatherman and co-host shares the joys and lessons he's learned from his son, Nick.

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Today show weatherman and co-anchor Al Roker with son Nick

Al Roker on the Joys of Fatherhood

The Today show weatherman and co-host discusses the challenges and rewards of parenting a child with special needs.

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Blessings of a Special Adoption

Blessings of a Special Adoption

A soldier, an Iraqi orphan and the family they make.

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Bitty  Beaus coffee shop employees

Bitty & Beau's Brews Possibility for People with Disabilities

The North Carolina coffee shop hopes to welcome you with a cup of Joe and a message of inclusivity.

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Illustration of a boy adding a star to the top of a Christmas tree

Her Autistic Son Showed Her That Nothing Is Impossible at Christmas

Adding the star to the top of the tree was a big step for her little boy.

Therapy Dogs Help Children with Autism at the Dentist

Therapy Dogs Help Children with Autism at the Dentist

For kids with autism, a trip to the dentist can be extra stressful. Here's how one office is making it fun.

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Julia, Elmo, Abby and Big Bird on Sesame Street

The Inspiring Story of Julia, Sesame Street's First Puppet With Autism

How the beloved children's series is using their newest puppet to break down barriers and send a message of acceptance. 

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Valerie Herskowitz behind the counter at the Chocolate Spectrum

She Created Jobs for Her Son and Other Autistic Adults

A mother finds a path to give her autistic son a purpose in his adult life.

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Chad Veach on his new book Unreasonable Hope

What His Daughter's Brain Disorder Taught Pastor Chad Veach About Hope

The author of the new book Unreasonable Hope talks about the turning point in his family's fight against a rare brain disorder. 

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Isabella Yosuico was inspired to come up with new ways to further her son Isaac's progress.

A Mother's Love for a Special-Needs Child

She had many fears about raising a son with Down syndrome, but one thing worried her the most...

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Robbie and her husband, Mike, with Nicholas

Where Love Is

She was so focused on her autistic son that she forgot the One who could help her.

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