Special Needs Children

An artist's rendering of a young girl building a sand castle at the beach

Sea of Angels

Her daughter had swum out too far and gone missing. She prayed for angels to assist her.

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Lori Torman with daughter Casey and husband Barry

Casey's Angelic Career

Her special-needs daughter had so much to offer. Could she find a vocation for her?

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Caroline Updyke with her daughter Lauren

Making the Most of God's Gifts

Her daughter was brave about her learning disability, braver than her mother.

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Jenny Noyes daughter, Kelly

A Miraculous Birthday Breakthrough

A few simple words from a special-needs daughter inspire great joy in her mother.

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Ray Kimbrell carries his son Patrick; photo courtesy Ray Kimbrell

A Marine Dad's Most Important Duty

I was a Marine, an officer, a lifer—until Patrick came to test my faith.

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A quintet of Little Leaguers watch the action on the field

Miracle League

The inspiring story behind this special program

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