Features About Teenagers

What to say to an angry teenager.

Dealing with a Teenage Meltdown

A mom's wise counsel for a son who lashes out in anger

How to teach our kids to cope and rebound from disappointment.

Teaching Our Kids to Cope

When it comes to disappointment, how teenagers can learn to pivot and rebound through faith.

What does it really mean to "let go and let God?"

What Does 'Let Go and Let God' Really Mean?

God's will may test us in ways that are difficult to contemplate.

When you don't want to act like a Christian

How to Handle Frustration

Advice for times when you feel like a spiteful pre-teen, not a faith-filled adult.

How your pain and struggle in life can help others.

How Your Pain Can Help Others

What you learn–and share–from your struggles can help make someone else's life easier.

Guideposts: Stephanie Thompson shops for eyeglasses with her daughter, Micah

Stephanie Thompson on Faith and Parenting

Stephanie Thompson reveals how she was impacted by having to wear glasses and how she felt, years later, when her daughter faced the same challenge.

How to parent like a Christian.

Parenting Like Christ

The challenges of raising children offer plenty of opportunities to be like Him.

Reflections of Jesus

Reflections of Jesus

How an overnight guest in a teenager's room finds compassion and a love of the Lord.

Is your teen daughter at risk of cutting? Here's how you can help.

Cutting–Is Your Teen at Risk?

Why your teen may resort to intentional self-injury and what you can do about it.

How parents can counsel their teen daughters about sex.

When Waiting Is Worth It

In teen romance, the cultural pressure is to get physical–fast. Help your teen daughter put on the brakes.