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If you don't want your teen to smoke, one thing YOU must do. Don't smoke.

Posted in , Dec 31, 2014

How to guide your teen daughter away from smoking. Photo from 123RF(r).

I wish I could say I never tried a cigarette, but I can’t. I was 13 when I snuck one cigarette from my dad’s pack and smoked it deep in the woods behind our home.

I was sick for several days and decided smoking was not for me. I often wondered why some of my classmates continued the unhealthy habit.

How to guide your teen daughter away from smoking. Photo from 123RF(r).Today, I’m pretty sure that teens continue to sneak cigarettes from their parents. According to, 3900 teens under the age of 18 years try their first cigarette and more than 950 of them will become daily smokers.

Not only will 30% of teens continue smoking and die early from a smoking-related disease, they are more likely to have panic attacks, anxiety disorders and depression.

They are also more likely to drink alcohol, smoke marijuana and use other recreational drugs. Check out for more statistics.

How can you help your teen daughter or granddaughter make the right choice not to smoke?

1.  Be her role model. Teens are more likely to start smoking if their parents smoke. So if you don’t want your teen to smoke, quit smoking if you do. Not only will you show her your dedication to quitting smoking but will show her how difficult it is to quit.

2.  If you don’t smoke, make your voice known and don’t allow smoking. Set rules in your household. She listens to you even when you think she’s not. Your words matter.

3.  Your teenage daughter cares about her appearance. Discuss the negative effects smoking has on her health and beauty. Cigarettes make your hair, clothes and body smell. They also give you bad breath and yellow teeth.

4.  Discuss the health risks related to smoking. These include heart disease, COPD, emphysema, strokes and many types of lung cancer. 

Remember, our teens watch what we do and listen to what we say. Make this the day to impact her life.

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. (1 Corinthians 10:31)

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