First Day of High School

A mom reflects on a son's road to adulthood.

Posted in , Sep 12, 2017

First day of high school

My youngest starts high school today.

I could also have written that as: After 18 years, I am no longer homeschooling. Or as: My little guy is now 2” taller than me and has pimples.

Eventually, life changes. It changes whether you cherish every moment or fight the whole reality of life. We grow, move on, find new road bumps and beautiful things in our paths. We seek God in all of it, love God through all of it, learn to praise God in all things.

Last night my son went to watch a soccer game with his dad. He texted, “Can you stay up until I get home? I want one last cuddle as a little kid!” Yes, of course. Time moves on, and yet time stands still.

The Greeks distinguished between chronos, or chronological time, and kairos, which has more of a permanent quality. When we recall something in the past and re-experience it in the present, that is kairos. I think it’s fair to say love exists in kairos, not merely chronos. And yet love is marked by chronos: by colic, tantrums, learning to read, first crushes and so on.

There is beauty and there is pain in all things. And also, there is God. Even on the first day of high school.

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