Helping Your Teen Shift Schools

Summer is moving season. If your teen is facing a new school in the fall, here's how to help her deal with change.

Posted in , May 29, 2015

Guideposts: Teen Adjust New High School

It’s that time again–moving season. Summer and spring are great seasons to sell homes and make new beginnings. The new location might just be a few miles down the road, but for teens that are already adjusted and grounded in their existing high school, a few miles might mean a new school.

And a new school means new classes, new cliques, and new rules. This can cause stress and anxiety for your teen daughter when she has to make new adjustments and friends.


Are you moving? Are you worried how this may affect your teen daughter? Here are a few suggestions to help your teen daughter cope when moving to a new city and starting a new high school.

1)  Discuss why the move is a must and important for the family. Change is difficult for everyone involved. Whether it’s a new job or a financial decision, it’s important to share the reason why. This can be a teachable moment for your teen.

2)  Get her involved in the new community as soon as possible. Encourage your teen to join a youth group, a summer sports club or extracurricular activities where she can meet new friends.

3)  Visit your daughter’s new school and research new fall classes and activities with her. Urge her to join new sports or clubs that interest her. Stay positive about the move, but allow her to discuss her feelings about leaving her friends and home. Discuss the possibilities for your daughter to visit her friends that she is leaving and alternatives to stay connected with them.

4)  Take time to explore your new surroundings with your teen. Check out new restaurants, parks, malls and other places where your teen can spend her free time.

Change is difficult for all of us. It takes us out of our comfort zone and challenges us to adjust to new situations.

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven... (Ecclesiastes 3:1, ESV)

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