Spring Break at Home

If your teen isn't heading off to a beach for spring break, how to keep her occupied at home.

Posted in , Mar 18, 2015

Spring break at home. Photo from 123RF(r).

I grew up in a blended family consisting of 10 kids ranging from 13 to 20 so spring break trips to Florida with our friends were out of the question. We just couldn’t afford it. 

Our spring break consisted of sleeping in, watching endless television, eating junk food and just hanging out at home while our parents worked. Occasionally, we’d find ourselves doing things that might not have been sanctioned, like hanging out with friends our parents didn’t really like, but we never got into too much trouble.

Can you relate? Do you work full-time while your teen daughter spends her spring break at home? Here are a few suggestions to keep her occupied during your working hours.

1)  Use a vacation or a PTO day from work and plan a fun activity for your daughter. Make it special. Are there any festivals or concerts in your city? Spend an evening or day with her doing something she will remember. If you can’t take a day off, schedule your fun activities in the evening.

2)  Set a no-chore week policy. Most teens that travel during spring break do not have to worry about keeping up with their chores. Let the chores at home go for a week.

3)  Let her sleep late and stay up late. Encourage her to invite her friends over for an all night movie marathon.

4)  Take her to a bookstore and let her pick out a good book to read or encourage her to start a new hobby or craft.

Spring break doesn’t have to be at a beach for your teen daughter to have fun. Making amazing memories at home will teach her that she can enjoy her break anywhere. 

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