Struggling Grades

Do your teen's grades need improving? Here's how to teach her good study habits.

Posted in , Apr 22, 2015

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I was shocked when my Psychology 101 professor handed back my exam. It was the first test that I ever took in college, and I had failed it. Shocked and upset, I was sure I was going to flunk out of school.

As I cried and complained to my freshman roommate, she encouraged me to change my study and review habits. She took the time to teach me how to take notes, outline chapters and prepare for tests–study habits I hadn’t learned in high school. Because of her kindness and my willingness to learn new skills, I didn’t flunk out of college, and I was able to tackle future exams.

Do you have a teen daughter who struggles with her grades? Is she afraid she is failing or falling behind her peers? Does she “bomb” exams? Here are some ways you can help her:

1)  Take the time to find out how your daughter prepares for her exams. Does she outline her reading material? Is she taking good notes in class? If she’s not practicing these study habits, encourage her to do so and show her how. The more she reviews what is being taught, the more she will remember and retain when it comes to test time.

2)  Encourage her to ask her teachers questions about topics if she doesn’t understand. Many students fear that their questions are stupid questions, but not asking any at all can lead to failing grades.

3)  If possible, urge your daughter to sit closer to the front of the class and away from her friends. This will help her from being distracted and will teach her to focus on the class topic.

4)  Discuss her fears about test taking. Has she labeled herself as a bad test-taker? Encourage her to remain positive and teach her new skills that will help her on exam day. Here is a good link to help her

And as she takes step to improve, celebrate her success!

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