What Is Your Teen Daughter Reading?

Encourage imagination and creativity with books that will inspire her.

Posted in , May 27, 2015

Inspire your teen daughter with good books and a rich reading experience.

I’ve written and created many books for young adults, and I have learned never to put the word “teen” on a book that you want them to read.

As soon as they see that word as part of the title, they give the book to their younger sibling or try to hock it off in a garage sale. They do not want to carry or read a book that labels them as a teen. Instead, they often want to read what adults are reading.

Last week I had a conversation with my son regarding the same issue. He asked me if I knew what books teen girls were reading, as if to suggest I was clueless. I was surprised when he said 50 Shades of Grey. “No way,” I thought. He gave me one of his “yes, they are, mom” looks.


The next day, I saw on the national news that a high school teacher was suspended for showing the movie version of the book in her classroom. I was shocked. Maybe my son was right. Maybe we should all pay closer attention to what our teen girls are reading.

What is your teen daughter reading?

1)  Take time to find out. If the content of the book is inappropriate or you feel that it’s not age appropriate, discuss the reasons why and suggest alternatives.

2)  Make a trip to the bookstore or the library and let her choose a few new books that interest her. Suggest books that deal with her hobbies or talents.

3)  Some teens do not like to read books. Consider a magazine subscription.

4)  Research online what books are best for young adults. There are many good websites to help you choose the best books for your teens. Do it together. Goodreads.com is a great place to start.

5)  Choose a new book and read it together. Set a time to discuss the plot and the characters. This will give you a new perspective on what your daughter’s opinions are as well as allow the two of you some great bonding time.

Encourage your daughter’s imagination and creativity through reading books that will inspire her life.

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