Is your teen telling the truth?

Teens and Telling the Truth

Help your teen avoid a lifetime of integrity issues–starting with truthfulness.

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Guideposts: Teen Adjust New High School

Helping Your Teen Shift Schools

Summer is moving season. If your teen is facing a new school in the fall, here's how to help her deal with change.

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Inspire your teen daughter with good books and a rich reading experience.

What Is Your Teen Daughter Reading?

Encourage imagination and creativity with books that will inspire her.

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Encourage teen girls to spread positive comments, not mean ones.

She Said What?!

How to help your teen girl shut down the rumor mill

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Coping with loss. When a parent faces the death of a child.

Why, Lord? Why?

When a parent faces a tragic loss, know this: The Lord is in control. Lean on His strength.

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Young woman at college. (Thinkstock)

Give It a Month

With graduating high schoolers headed off for new lives away from home, how parents can help their teens adjust.

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Stop the blame game. Photo 123RF(r)

Letting Go of Blame

3 tips to help parents move on from mistakes and keep working toward the victories.

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Teen girl feeling snubbed. Photo 123RF(r)

Ever Been Snubbed?

If your teen daughter is being cut off by friends, here are a few ways you can help.

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Twitter. Photo: 123RF(r)

Twitter War

Sometimes a place of support, sometimes a battlefield–here's how your teen daughter can survive social media.

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Parents and teen high-fiving. Photo 123RF(r).

How to Save a Life

How we can help our teens make the best spiritual choices for their lives.

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Serial texters! Photo 123RF(r)


If your teen is texting instead of talking, here are some ways to reconnect.

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Teens in class. Photo: 123RF(r)

Struggling Grades

Do your teen's grades need improving? Here's how to teach her good study habits.

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