Teen girls eating pizza. Photo: 123RF(r).

Home Alone on Prom Night

Will your teen daughter be at home on prom night? Here's how to make the night special.

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An angry teen girl. Photo: 123RF(r).

Teens, Get a Grip on Aggression

Are you a teen girl behaving badly? Then what's really going on in your life?

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A woman's foot being washed. Photo from 123RF(r).

Washing My Mother's Feet

Serving others is Jesus in action. How to teach your teen daughter to be just that.

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A pile of clothes on the floor. Photo: 123RF(r)

Peace in the Disaster Zone

How to pick your battles when it comes to navigating your teen's messy room

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Nashville skyline at night.

Making Godly Choices

Help your teen make wise decisions today and let go of bad choices made in the past

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Spring break at home. Photo from 123RF(r).

Spring Break at Home

If your teen isn't heading off to a beach for spring break, how to keep her occupied at home.

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Spring break on chalkboard. Photo from 123RF(r).

Spring Break Away from Home

How to keep an eye on your teen from afar

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Young adult daughter and mother

Letting Go

The hardest thing for parents can be letting a child navigate the world.

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Photo of a YouTube screen. Image from 123RF(r).

When the World Watches Your Teen Act Out

Welcome to the world of YouTube where nothing, unfortunately, goes unnoticed.

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Jellybeans. Photo from from 123RF(r).

One Jellybean

The gap between loneliness and friendship can be closed by something very small.  

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Family feet.

Bumps in the Road

Don't worry. God is going to do great things in your life despite the challenges.

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Teen boys and teen girls.

Teen Guys versus Teen Girls

For parents of teen boys, don't forget the hugs and kisses!

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