Those who have pets in their lives know the tremendous power of these healing animals to bring about feelings of peace, connection, and love. Cats, dogs, service animals, and other furry, scaly, or feathered friends provide companionship and so much more, just by being their adorable selves.
Edward Grinnan discusses his book, Always by My Side, on the Hallmark Channel's Home and Family

Edward Grinnan Appears on the Hallmark Channel's 'Home and Family'

Guideposts Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan's talks to Larissa Wohl and the Hallmark Channel's Home and Family crew about his love of dogs and his memoir, Always by My Side: Life Lessons from Millie and All the Dogs I've Loved.

Purring cat

Life Lesson from a Cat

After a stressful visit to the vet, some spiritual perspective on facing things we dread.

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Carolyn gives two of her donkeys some tender loving care.

A Sicilian Donkey's Courage Gave Them Hope

When Carolyn and Alan LeGrand were going through a tough time trying to care for their Oklahoma family farm, it was one of their Sicilian donkeys that reminded them they could persevere.

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A hunter green mailbox with its red flag raised indicating that there's mail inside

Special Delivery: You'll Never Guess What Was in Their Mailbox

Finding this adorable pooch was an unlikely but pleasant surprise.

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Ruby Stein with her cat, Nikki

A Miraculous Rescue After Five Days Stranded in the Snow

An 85-year-old woman trying to avoid an oncoming winter storm in the Rocky Mountains makes a wrong turn and finds herself stranded for five days with her cat. Would her faith be sufficient to see her through?

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A grieving dog peeks out from behind a door

Can Animals Feel Grief?

Barbara J. King, anthropologist and author of How Animals Grieve, on when, how and why animals experience grief.

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An artist's rendering of a pair of grieving elephants

Do Animals Grieve Like Humans Do?

Humans most certainly grieve over the death of beloved pets, but do animals experience that same sense of loss? And if so, how do they express it?

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Edward Grinnan and Gracie at the Good Morning America studios

'Always By My Side' Now in Paperback

An offering of gratitude to all the dogs he has known and loved from the editor of Guideposts.

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Carol with her longtime friend Tarra

She Founded North America's Largest Elephant Sanctuary

Her love for one elephant launched Carol Buckley on a mission to save others.

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How One Family Saved Their Horses from Hurricane Irma

With a hurricane bearing down on their West Palm Beach home, the Moritz family came up with an unusual way to protect their eight therapy horses.

A Rhode Island Red rooster

Abraham, a Rooster to Remember

She finally had the chickens she'd dreamed of, but she couldn't imagine what she'd learn from a rooster.

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The Hance Family

How the Hance Family Turned Their Home into an Animal Sanctuary

They moved from Fort Worth to a farm in Weatherford, Texas, for more space. They never imagined they would start rescuing animals.

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Josh with wife Becky, daughter Penelope Iris and feline friend Theo

The Comfort Cat Who Saved an Iraq Veteran's Life

Traumatic brain injury and PTSD had left this veteran feeling hopeless, but a stray cat gave him a reason to live.

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Kamryn (left) and Korbin pose with two of the Hances' rescued animals

Life on the Farm: Five Kids and a Menagerie of Rescued Animals

Wanting more space for their big family, Natasha and Kirk Hance moved from the city life in Fort Worth to a small farm in Weatherford, Texas. Soon after settling in, their farm became a place for all creatures to call home.

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