Those who have pets in their lives know the tremendous power of these healing animals to bring about feelings of peace, connection, and love. Cats, dogs, service animals, and other furry, scaly, or feathered friends provide companionship and so much more, just by being their adorable selves.
Louise the rooster in a wheelchair.

Louise the Rooster Helps Others Build Confidence

A rooster in a wheelchair shows us that a little love and kindness goes a long way.

Vet adopts 30 pound cat

A Veteran with PTSD Rescues Adorable 30-Pound Cat

Gusman was looking for a therapy animal to help manage his PTSD. Enter, Meatloaf.

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An abstract illustration of a rooster crowing.

How a Rooster Helped Her Find Hope During a Divorce

A surprising encounter at a farm changed her outlook.

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Jeanne and Mo welcome some visitors.

Prisoners Help Abandoned Animals in a Unique Program

Go behind the scenes at the Monroe County Sheriff's Animal Farm.

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Kitty Snyder croons to a captive audience.

Her Guitar Eases the Loneliness of These Shelter Animals

Singer Kitty Snyder forms a connection with these cats and dogs by sharing her music.

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Catherina and her feisty foal named Renaissance.

Renaissance: The Horse That Helped Her Embrace Middle Age

She was restless and coping with transitions in her life, when a special foal changed her attitude.

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Catherina and her feisty foal named Renaissance.

A Horse Named Ren Gave Her a Chance to Be Reborn

Catherine Madera’s passion for horses seemed to fade as middle age set in. She began to think that part of her life was over for good…until a feisty foal named Ren came along. Meet Ren below and read the full story here. If you’d like to see more stories like this, check out All Creatures magazine.

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Kitty Snyder serenades shelter dogs and cats.

Singer Kitty Snyder Shares Her Music with Shelter Animals

Listen as Kitty Snyder brings comfort and companionship to dogs and cats in an animal shelter through her music.

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Street cat

The Good ‘Cat’ Samaritans

The kind deeds of two neighborhood ladies who care for hungry kitties.

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Renea and son Jacob with dock diving champs Lily (left) and Monte

How a Rescue Dog Helped Her Heal

A back injury left her unable to work, but a mixed-breed dog helped her find a new calling.

Cat and chicken huddle together during fire

A Cat and a Chicken Help Each Other Survive California Wildfire

While the fire raged, two creatures found comfort in each other.

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DOG trains service dogs at Support Dogs, Inc. (SDI) in St. Louis, Missouri

Meet the Cat Helping to Train Service Dogs

D-O-G was a stray kitten before the trainers at Support Dogs Inc. decided to give him a home—and a job.

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Lisa Shaver with Pistol

A Horse Named Pistol Helped Her Heal

An incurable condition known as RSD had left her unable to do the thing she loved most in life: Ride a horse. But a quarter horse with its own health issues proved a perfect match.

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Rufus the Therapy Dog

Rufus the Therapy Dog

Meet Rufus, the 2006 Westminster Kennel Club  "Best in Show" winner who has a new job, helping children in a big way.

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