Those who have pets in their lives know the tremendous power of these healing animals to bring about feelings of peace, connection, and love. Cats, dogs, service animals, and other furry, scaly, or feathered friends provide companionship and so much more, just by being their adorable selves.

Peggy Frezon with a canine pal

Coping with Your Pet's Medical Diagnosis

Author and pet expert Peggy Frezon offers four tips for how to deal with the news that your beloved pet's health is at risk.

Harold and his loyal companion, Phelan

A Christmas Miracle in Bethlehem

A couple, a veteran and a dog come together in unlikely fashion at a Pennsylvania holiday arts and crafts festival.

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Dillie is best buds with black standard poodle, Willie, pictured here with Melanie’s husband, Steve.

Meet Dillie the Deer

When a three-day-old blind fawn was brought into veterinarian Melanie Butera’s emergency clinic in 2004, she feared the fragile creature wouldn't survive. Since then, Dillie the deer has captured the world’s attention.

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Cat at the Ein Gev restaurant by the Sea of Galilee

Cats of the Holy Land

Check out these fun photos of cats in the Holy Land and learn about the sacred sites where these cats love to hang out.

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Hailey told her mom, 'If God can get Hunter for me, surely he can take care of me.'

The Golden Retriever Who Came for Christmas

There was only one thing her sick little girl wanted for Christmas, but how would they manage to fulfill her wish?

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Three of a Kind

Cats on Call: How 3 Cats Helped Her Heal

After saving their lives, a heart patient discovers how her cats—Schnookie, Ophelia and Simon—were her rescue squad.

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Norbert sitting on a sofa, waiting for his second treat.

Norbert's Second Treat

Norbert the therapy dog is an Internet sensation with almost a million followers on Facebook. In this popular video, watch this cuddly canine's reaction when he receives a well-earned second treat. 

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Peggy's pooches are all dressed up for the holidays

Celebrate the Holidays with Your Pets

Peggy Frezon shares how pet parents across the U.S. include their furry, finned and feathered family members in their holiday traditions.

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Craig Grossi with his pal, Fred

Why This Veteran Brought a Dog Home from Afghanistan

A dog he named Fred gave a Marine comfort and hope in war-torn Afghanistan. Could he return the favor?

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A penguin uses its beak to manipulate a touch screen.

Why These Animals Use Touch Screen Technology

Scientists have learned that humans aren’t the only creatures who love touch screens.

Smoke and the Base Operations Section Marines at Camp al Taqqadum in Iraq

Bringing Smoke Home

Marines never leave anyone behind. Not even a donkey.

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A pensive Norbert alongside the cover of his picture book: Norbert's Little Lessons for a Big Life.

Norbert and His Inspiring Life Lessons

Norbert, a cute little canine with an impressive social media following (nearly a million followers on Facebook alone), is a registered therapy dog, a philanthropist, and an author. Here are some life lessons from his latest book.

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UPS Delivery Driver

This Facebook Group Celebrates UPS Drivers and the Dogs They Meet

The group shares sweet stories and photos of the friendly four-legged customers on their routes. 

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A chocolate, teacup poodle posing for the camera.

A Sign She Was the Right Dog

Was the teacup poodle meant to be a part of our family?

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