5 Ways to be a P-awesome Responsible Pet Parent

Celebrate Responsible Pet Owner Month with these easy ideas.

- Posted on Feb 16, 2011

February is Responsible Pet Owner Month. I’m sure you don’t need a reminder to hug your pet or provide fresh food and water. But this month, why not discover even more ways to be a conscientious pet parent? Here are five p-awesome ideas to get started.

1. Have your pet spayed or neutered.
Responsible pet parents help control the pet population. Homeless and unwanted pets are a serious problem nationwide. If you haven’t yet looked into this for your pet, ask your vet about it today. Many vets offer free or low cost spay and neuter programs.

2. Teach your dog good manners.
Responsible pet parents don’t let their dog become a nuisance in public. Training and obedience classes help family members teach their dogs how to walk nicely on a leash, greet people in public, and socialize with other dogs.

3. Keep your dog from barking excessively.
Responsible pet parents keep their neighbors happy. Constant barking often signifies boredom. If your dog’s a barker, try to determine the cause. If she seems bored, supply stimulating toys, and take her for extra walks to tire her out.

4. Pick up after your dog.
Responsible pet parents keep the neighborhood clean. Carry dog waste bags with you on walks. Always leave front lawns, sidewalks and parks just the way you found them.

5. Join the Responsible Pet Owner Month Facebook Fan Page
Responsible pet parents help spread the word!

What are some ways that you are a responsible pet parent?

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