Busting a Cat Myth

Her feline friend cracks a longtime myth about cats in general.

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I don’t know where I heard it first, but I’ve always believed that cats hated being wet, didn’t like water except to drink it. That has not proved to be the case with Lubya.

When he was younger, he would surprise me by jumping into the tub after I had emerged from my shower. Didn’t mind getting his paws wet at all.

His newest trick is drinking from the bathroom sink faucet. I’m not quite sure how this habit got started but in the morning when he sees me going into the bathroom, he gallops across the living room and leaps up onto the sink. I run the water for him and he takes several moments to watch the water as it hits the drain. Then he positions his head and begins to lick the stream of water. This same ritual occurs in the evening, or anytime I go into the bathroom.

But Lubya’s love affair with water is nothing compared to the kitty in the video below. You’ve got to watch this fellow. Not only is he quenching his thirst in a most hilarious fashion but he’s busting a myth too! 

—Anne Simpkinson

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