Meet Walker!

This special kitten walked to his forever home.

Posted in , Apr 22, 2010

A while ago, we asked all you cat lovers out there to send us photos and stories about your furry little "meowers." Since then, you've sent us some truly inspiring stuff! See our "cattitude" slideshow for some truly fantastic felines.

This week, we wanted to share the story of one of your cats! So meet Walker, the cat who "walked" his way into the life of reader Neta Davis, in Kansas City, Missouri.


I live in a rural area in the southwestern metropolitan area of Kansas City, Missouri. All of the houses are on multi-acre, fully wooded lots, so taking a walk around the neighborhood is very enjoyable for nature lovers. Among birds, trees, and various wildlife, there is always something to see.
I was taking such a walk in early October 2007, taking advantage of some of the last warm days before it would get too cold. I had walked about a mile when my calves started cramping up. Just as I thought about turning back to head home, a little voice inside my head said, "No, keep walking; in fact, go up this street here!" 

I poo-pooed the idea, trying to convince myself the cramps would only get worse, but the voice kept insisting. Finally, I gave in and said aloud, "All right, already, I'll walk up the stupid street!"
As I started walking, I heard an unusual bird call. I didn't recognize it, so I stopped to try to find the bird. The sound repeated and I realized it was coming from the ground, not a tree, but the high grass made it difficult to see anything. I saw some movement. Then, more cooing. I thought, is it a cat? Some of the people in the area have outdoor cats or let their cats roam in the woods... 

I started calling "Here kitty kitty kitty," and out burst this little black and white furball, meowing to me, not afraid of a thing! He came straight to me as I crouched at the edge of the road.
I was shocked, not knowing what to do. I called out again, thinking there might be littermates and/or a mother, but he was the lone respondent. I couldn't let this little creature spend the night outdoors alone! He didn't have a problem with my petting him so I scooped him up. He was so small that he fit between my neck and the end of my shoulder!
I headed for home, trying to hold him, so that I could keep him safe from the occasional car coming home. But boy, it was a challenge! He wanted to walk all over my shoulders and up and down my chest. A friend saw me and stopped, thinking I was having some kind of seizure or that I had been drinking! (We had a good laugh over that, and she was smitten by the kitten from the start.)
When I could tell there weren't any cars coming down the street, I decided to see what the kitten would do if I did put him down. To my amazement, he was on my heels the entire half-mile walk back home. It was almost as if he were trained!
I spent the evening calling neighbors, seeing if anyone was missing a kitten. Between calls I sat with the little guy on the porch as he played with anything and everything, entirely able to amuse himself. I found myself falling in love with his quirky little ways. By the time I had exhausted all my contacts and no one claimed him, I was head over heels and knew that he had found a home. I just had to convince my husband, Terry.
We already had two cats we had adopted three years prior from the shelter as adults. I had wanted to get kittens, but none were available at the time. Terry had two conditions: female and short haired. This kitten was male and looked like he would be at best medium-, if not long-haired. We discussed it. He kept talking about going to the shelter, and I kept saying I wanted to keep him. Terry did not look pleased, but he let the kitten stay for a few nights.
Each day we'd come home from work and play with him, and after about a week, he won my husband over. How did I know? Terry was the one who named him Walker, the cat who "walked" to his forever home.
Now, I can't imagine a day without Walker. He's ornery, he's exasperating, and he makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY. I truly believe God led me to him, and I am so thankful for all the energy he's brought into the house and how he's positively affected our Cherry and Blossom, his sisters.
Walker's presence also reminds me every day that there's a promise kept if you keep believing and listen to that little voice, especially when it's annoyingly insistent! 

—Neta Davis, Kansas City, Missouri

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