Purrfect Cats

Why her cats purring made her feel at ease and content.

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Lubya, my male cat, purrs when there’s food served to him. He purrs readily if you stroke or massage him. He purrs when he’s kneading the throw on the couch. He’s a purr-fect cat.

Mimi’s a harder nut to crack. She’s skittish and a little more tightly wound. But there’s one thing that will always get to her: rubbing her rump. 

In the morning, she jumps behind me, on my chair (I usually perch at the edge of the seat) and works her way onto my lap. Her head rests in the crook of my elbow, my arm is across her body and then I rub her rump fast and deep. She loves it. Her eyes close dreamily and she begins to purr. Sometimes she’ll lift her chin to expose her neck. I slowly stop rubbing her and begin to gently stroke under her chin.

She gives up her guard momentarily and surrenders to pleasure. Quite unlike her.

We both leave the encounter feeling deeply content. Purr-fectly satisfied.

                                                                        —Anne Simpkinson

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