Purrfectly Relaxed

She wishes she could relax and sleep like her feline friends do.

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I wish I could relax like my cats. Wherever they are, when they want to bed down and take their cat naps, every muscle, every fiber of their being hits the snooze button. I’m jealous.

I watch as Lubya settles into the arm of the sofa. He positions his legs on either side, tucks his paws under his chin, sighs and lets go. Complete and total abandon to the tufted padding of the sofa’s arm. Not a care in the world, not a tense muscle, sheer unconscious bliss.

But they don’t always choose the most comfortable spots in the apartment. Last weekend I was working in my study and had spread some books, journals and papers across the daybed. Not stacked but spread out. In comes Mimi, who heads for the paper, walks on it, crinkles it then spreads herself out over the books, over the journals and on the papers. Did she mind that the surface wasn’t perfectly flat? Not at all! She was asleep in no time!

Of course, if there’s a loud noise, both of them are awake in a heartbeat, hyper alert. But then they settle back down into sweet oblivion—so innocent, so vulnerable…so ZZZzzzz!!!  

I really do wish I could relax like my cats.

                                                                 —Anne Simpkinson

How do your cats relax? We'd love to know! Email us at [email protected].

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