The Cat Who Sang Like an Angel

An injured bird and a nearby feline is a recipe for disaster, but the kitty's better nature prevails.

- Posted on Apr 11, 2013

An artist's rendering of a cat with a chickadee perched on its head

Bam! A loud noise interrupted our dinner. “It came from the patio,” Ron said. Our kitten, Alice, led the way to the glass patio door. There was something on the ground outside. A chickadee!

“It must have flown into the glass,” Ron said. Alice sniffed at the door. It was a good thing she couldn’t get to it. Cats and birds did not get along.

“Is it dead?” I said.

“It’s breathing shallowly,” Ron said.

Alice made a strange gurgling sound. “What is it, Alice?” Ron said. She then let out a high-pitched sound. Almost chirping. It was like a birdsong. The “notes” got longer and more melodic, and she never took her eyes off the chickadee on the other side of the glass. We’d never heard anything like it.

“She’s singing to the bird,” I said.

The chickadee twitched. Then it lifted its head, fluttered its wings and flew away. Alice turned to us proudly. Whoever thinks cats and birds don’t get along has never met Alice—or heard her sing.


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