These Pet Photo Magnets Keep Their Furry Friends Close

This creative idea allows them to remember their beloved pets that have passed away.

Posted in , Aug 31, 2020

Pet photo magnets. Photo credit: Susan M. Meredith

Not long after my husband, Ed, and I got married 38 years ago, we adopted two kittens, Sam and Nicky. They lived long, happy lives. In their memory, we put up a monument in our backyard with bricks bearing their names and the years they’d lived. Eventually we moved to a new house and brought the bricks with us. Since then, we’ve had 10 more pets, and each time we said goodbye, we made a new brick. But the weather wore them down, and it became hard to see the engraved names.

A few years ago, I ordered custom photo magnets online—one for each of our beloved pets, with names and dates just like the bricks. The magnets are lightweight, so they’ll be easy to take along if we move again. The best part is, I get to see my dear friends every day. I miss each and every one and their unique personalities. From those sweet kittens to a collie named Duke and his unlikely pal, Tinkerbell the bunny, every animal Ed and I have loved and cared for will always be part of our lives—no matter where we go.

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