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Read more on why her feline friends do unusual activities.

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Are your cats weird? Yeah, so are mine. I'm pretty sure that's why we love them.

Cats sit for hours in paper bags and cardboard boxes, and sleep in the sink, and plop down on your newspaper when you're trying to read it. Those are pretty common cat quirks, though. I'm talking about the truly weird, stuff that while the cat is doing it, you're going, “Honey? Do you see what your cat is doing? Where's the camera?”

For example, my cat Pearl loves the smell of bleach. One day I wiped the counter with Clorox spray after handling raw chicken—and Pearl, a cat who never jumps on the counter, leaped onto the counter and started rubbing her head all over it, as if she couldn't get enough of that lovely bleach aroma.

Weird. And kind of scary.

Catillac, my big orange kitty, loves to “nest” in laundry the minute I take it out of the dryer. We could launch a TV series, “FLI: Feline Laundry Investigation,” because of Catillac's obsessive behavior around clean clothes. She'll lie on her back for hours amid the laundry, four paws in the air. Tummy rubs, please!

And of course, there's Harley, my little trouble magnet. Harley refuses to eat out of his dish via his mouth like a normal cat. Instead, he'll scoop kibbles onto the floor, then bat them around the kitchen before eating. Sometimes, he scoops them directly into the water dish, dunks them with his paw until they get soft, then wanders off while Catillac, who won't drink water with kibbles floating in it, pesters me until I refill it.

                                                                    —Allison Ruffing

So...what's the weirdest thing YOUR cat does? Comment below, or email [email protected]!

 P.S. Fun Cat Experiment: Take an empty pizza box, close it, and toss it onto the floor. See what your cat does. (Harley was sitting on the box within two minutes, and within 10 minutes he and Catillac were squabbling over who got to sit on it. Harley won and slept on the box all night, until it went into the recycling bin. Weird.)

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