Thank you, God, for cats! June is adopt-a-cat month.

In Praise of Cats

Thank you, God, for all the marvelous, unique and beautiful cats in our lives today.

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Tweedledum, a house cat who was born feral. Photo by Lori Cohen.

Cozy and Warm

Caring for a feral cat offers some lessons in life.

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How to care for your pets. Photo by Александр Ермолаев, Thinkstock.

50 Ways to Be a Responsible Pet Parent–Part 2

More ways you can take the very best care of your furry family members.

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Lucky the cat. Photo by Paris Permenter and John Bigley, Cat Tipper.

Answer-Your-Cat’s-Question Day

A chance for felines and their humans to understand each other a little better!

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Rick Hamlin

Prayers of Thanks for a Cat

I’m not a cat person. I never was a cat person. But God can change all of us.

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Kelly at prayer.

Praying Paws

Why praying with your pet can be a good thing!

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Stephanie, Micah and Mr. Whiskers pose for the camera.

A Feline Answer to a Prayer

What happens when a mother and daughter pray for opposing things?

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Nina Christensen with her cat, Déjà

The Prayer That Soothed Her Financial Fears

She prayed for a job and found reassurance and comfort in an unlikely place.

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Jeremy with his friend and protector, Tara

A Feline Guardian Angel

Watch as a heroic cat stands up to a dog who is attacking a boy whose family she lives with.

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Marion Bond West

The Cat of Her Dreams

I thought I wasn't ready for another cat...  God knew otherwise.

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Anne's cat Mimi

Praying with Mimi

Who would have thought that my most consistent prayer partner would be a four-legged friend?

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Anne Simpkinson's feline prayer partner, Mimi

Meet Mimi

Guideposts online managing editor Anne Simpkinson introduces us to her very special cat. 

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