Cheer on Your Favorite Team–Puppies or Kittens!

Paws in the endzone Sunday for Kitten Bowl II and Puppy Bowl XI

Posted in , Jan 28, 2015

Kittens on the goalpost. Photo Hallmark Channel, Kitten Bowl.

I love my family’s Superbowl parties, but I’m only mildly interested in football.

So while my husband and son don their sports apparel and root for their favorite gridiron team, I’ll be cheering on teams of a different sort. Ones with whiskers, furry paws,and wagging tails!

Kitten Bowl II
Hallmark Channel
Sunday, February 1 at12pm ET/PT, 11C

If you love kittens, you won’t want to miss the FFL's (Feline Football League) Kitten Bowl II. Take frisky felines, put them together on a kitten-sized football field filled with crinkly, sparkly, dangly toys, add a referee and announcers, and you’ve got the Kitten Bowl!

With names like Aaron Pawdgers, Stray Matthews, and Wes Whisker, these adorable kitties will romp, jump and pounce across the field and into your heart. If the ball goes over the end zone, they score a touchdown! 

The show is hosted by North Shore Animal League America spokesperson Beth Stern, and best of all, all the kittens are rescues and will be adopted out immediately after the show. To get a little pre-game kitten cuteness, check out this video!   

Puppy Bowl XI
Animal Planet
Sunday, February 1 at 3pm ET/2C

If playful puppies are more your style, no worries! Tune in to the Puppy Bowl. Your heart will melt when you see the adorable puppies competing on the AstroTurf for title of top dog.

I’ve been watching the Puppy Bowl for years, and darn if it’s not the cutest thing ever! The Puppy Bowl takes place in a miniature stadium with pups frolicking after toy footballs, rope toys and stuffed animals. I find myself in cute overload, rooting for my favorite dog to win MVP!

Each of these adorable puppies came from a shelter across the country. At the end of the Puppy Bowl you’ll see each puppy lifted off the field and carried off…and given to their adoptive parents to be taken to their forever homes. Watch the heartwarming story of how the Puppy Bowl promotes pet adoption.

Whether it’s tabby touchdowns or Fido fumbles you’re after, don’t forget to tune in this Sunday!

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