Comforting Products for Your Pets

From cozy beds to helpful toys, these clever items offer joy and relief for your furry companion.

Posted in , Oct 23, 2020

Two golden retrievers wearing warming sweaters

Our pets give us so much joy, we want to give them the best care in return: healthy food, daily exercise, medical attention and lots of love. If you’re looking to make them extra happy, here are some great products to try.


Soft and Cozy Beds
Washable beds, pillows and mats come in such a huge variety of shapes and sizes, you can find one that’s even more appealing to your pet than your clean laundry or spotless sofa. Cats and small dogs might enjoy a fluffy “donut bed.” Older dogs will appreciate an orthopedic bed, such as the BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed, which features memory foam topped with gel foam and fleece to cushion aging joints. Mice, ferrets, guinea pigs and other small pets like being securely cradled. Try the fleece Snuggle Sack, available from TheCozyCarrot shop on

Cat hammocks may be freestanding, attach to furniture or suction to the window for optimal bird viewing. The Cat Window Seat Hammock from has room for two, and the SmartyKat Happy Hammock cleverly hangs under a chair. There are even hammocks for fish, like the Zoo Med Betta Bed Leaf Hammock.

Warming and Cooling Products
Sweaters and booties aren’t the only way to keep your pet cozy in winter. Heated pet beds or warming crate pads do the trick. K&H Pet even makes a heated pad for rabbits and other small animals. Hot weather calls for cooling scarves, bandanas, harnesses, beds and mats. Some mats use gel packs that need to be frozen. Others, like the Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad, are activated when your pet steps or lies on them. If you’re traveling, a crate fan offers a nice breeze.

At-Home Spa Treatments
Give your dog a bath with natural shampoos and conditioners in coconut, lavender, kiwi and peppermint scents. Dry her off with an absorbent chamois or a fitted towel, such as a Ruff and Tumble secure drying coat. Use nubby gloves or a handheld pet massager to deliver a relaxing rub. Cats can massage themselves with the Catit Senses Wellness Center, which has flexible brushes and ridges to rub up against.


Soft and Comforting Apparel
Have a pet bird who suffers from feather plucking? Try a parrot collar, such as one from Parrot Cones by Gina. The soft wrap is comfortable (and cute!) and doesn’t interfere with seeing, eating or drinking. A snug-fitting shirt or vest, like the popular ThunderShirt, can settle pets who fear loud noises.

Soothing Sights, Sounds and Smells
Many pets are eased by pheromones, which mimic a calming chemical naturally released by animals. Use a pheromone room spray, plug-in diffuser, collar or bandana. Music and videos can also help anxious pets. The iCalmPet company offers players and CDs with songs for dogs and cats with separation anxiety, fears, aggression and phobias. Or pop in a DVD with scenes of other animals to entertain them while you’re out. Maybe your bird would enjoy an interactive buddy, such as the Living World Life Size Singing Parakeet, which is activated by a motion sensor and sings when approached.

Helpful Toys
Does your puppy or kitten need maternal comfort? With the SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy and Snuggle Kitty, he can feel a pulsing “heartbeat” and enjoy the warmth of a pet-safe heat pack. Other toys feature sounds, such as purring. Some toys are scented with anxiety-reducing lavender. Or try the Paws and Bone Smelly Sock—put an article of clothing with your scent inside the toy and it will stay protected while your pet plays or snuggles.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to give your pet some extra comfort. In fact, you may be able to construct similar products or exchange some with friends. Finding special ways to boost your best friend’s well-being will only strengthen your bond.

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