Dogs are referred to as best friends for a reason. Dogs are wonderful comfort animals who brim with unconditional love. Dog stories often highlight the joy, humor, and pleasure of life with dogs as companions.

Edward Grinnan and Gracie at the Good Morning America studios

Edward Grinnan Tells GMA About the Dogs Who Changed His Life

In a moving interview, Guideposts' Editor-in-Chief and Good Morning America host Robin Roberts talk about the dogs they've loved.

Jack, a Miniature Australian Shepherd who serves as a therapy dog for the seniors at Gulf Coast Village

Jack the Comfort Dog Brings Joy to Seniors

Meet Jack, a Miniature Australian Shepherd who serves as a therapy dog for the seniors at Gulf Coast Village,  a Volunteers of America-sponsored retirement community in Cape Coral, Florida.

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Edward Grinnan with his beloved canine companion, Millie

Loving a Dog with Issues

Preview Edward Grinnan's moving memoir and discover how prayer, training and a house in the woods helped his dog Marty's behavior problems in this excerpt from Always By My Side.

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Amy Wong, Winky, Millie and Edward Grinnan (l-r)

A Special Friendship Between Two Dogs

In this excerpt from Edward Grinnan’s new book, Always By My Side, a puppy from the country is mentored on the ways of the big city by an older dog who's been around the block.

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Edward Grinnan's beloved Golden retriever, Millie

Millie the Caretaker Dog

In this excerpt from Always By My Side, Edward Grinnan's moving memoir, his golden retriever, Millie, proves to be a very vigilant and reliable roommate.

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Edward Grinnan with his dog, Millie

Life and Love Lessons from Man's Best Friend

Poignant and insightful, Always by My Side, by Edward Grinnan, editor-in-chief of Guideposts, explores how faith shapes our love for our dogs and how our dogs shape our faith. Purchase your copy today!

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Edward Grinnan

Preview: Always By My Side

Edward Grinnan shares an amazing experience with his beloved dog Millie in this excerpt from his new book, Always By My Side.

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Four success stories from Susie's Senior Dogs

The Inspiring Stories of Susie's Senior Dogs

The woman behind the non-profit organization Susie's Senior Dogs has a new book out, and we're pleased to introduce our readers to some very sweet pooches.

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Millie and Edward. Photo by Jayne Wexler.

When a Family Pet Saved Thanksgiving

Gratitude for a beloved golden retreiver who came to the rescue.

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Edward Grinnan and Gracie outside the Good Morning America studios

Edward Grinnan and Gracie Visit 'Good Morning America'

Join Edward Grinnan and his dog, Gracie, as they visit Good Morning America for a chat with Robin Roberts about Edward's book, Always By My Side!

Carmella, the pit bull who was adopted by Dana Polito-Corry and her daughters

The Dog That Changed Two Little Girls' Lives

Dana Polito-Corry introduces us to Carmella, the "differently abled" dog who is a perfect match for Dana's two daughters.

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An artist's rendering of an angelic pug

The Pug That Made Her Pause

She didn’t have time for another dog. She didn’t have time for anything—or so she thought. A senior pug named Buddy slowed her down and opened her eyes.

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The Heaven-Sent Stray

The Puppy That Helped an Alzheimer’s Patient

Discover the amazing true story of how a pound puppy helped a caregiver in this excerpt from Paws from Heaven.

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Deaf girl teaches puppy to sign

A Deaf Girl Teaches Her Deaf Puppy Sign Language

This little girl's friendship with a rescued pup proves the language of love needs no words. 

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