Dogs are referred to as best friends for a reason. Dogs are wonderful comfort animals who brim with unconditional love. Dog stories often highlight the joy, humor, and pleasure of life with dogs as companions.
Hailey told her mom, 'If God can get Hunter for me, surely he can take care of me.'

The Golden Retriever Who Came for Christmas

There was only one thing her sick little girl wanted for Christmas, but how would they manage to fulfill her wish?

A pensive Norbert alongside the cover of his picture book: Norbert's Little Lessons for a Big Life.

Norbert and His Inspiring Life Lessons

Norbert, a cute little canine with an impressive social media following (nearly a million followers on Facebook alone), is a registered therapy dog, a philanthropist, and an author. Here are some life lessons from his latest book.

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UPS Delivery Driver

This Facebook Group Celebrates UPS Drivers and the Dogs They Meet

The group shares sweet stories and photos of the friendly four-legged customers on their routes. 

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A chocolate, teacup poodle posing for the camera.

A Sign She Was the Right Dog

Was the teacup poodle meant to be a part of our family?

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Carolyn, with son Brandon and Peanut Butter, who "has become my comfort dog."

Peanut Butter, the Comfort Dog

My son, newly divorced, was moving back in with me. Worse, so was his dog.

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Veteran Craig Grossi and his best friend, Fred

A Veteran Shares How a Stray Dog Changed His Life

Former Marine Craig Grossi shares how he met Fred, the "funny little dog" who provided him with the love and support he needed in his return to civilian life after serving in Afghanistan.

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Dog in the woods

This Stray Dog Lived Through One Hurricane... Could He Survive Another?

The dog in the woods was on her mind and in her prayers.

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Loving a New Dog After Grieving Loss of Beloved Pet

Opening My Heart to Our New Dog

The problem with our new dog? He was nothing like my old one

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Puppy playing in grass

Can Having a Dog Help You Lose Weight?

A new study suggests owning a pet may help lower your risk for obesity. 

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Craig Grossi with his pal, Fred

Why This Veteran Brought a Dog Home from Afghanistan

A dog he named Fred gave a Marine comfort and hope in war-torn Afghanistan. Could he return the favor?

Ultramarathon Runner Dion Leonard On 'Finding Gobi'

Ultramarathon Runner Dion Leonard On 'Finding Gobi'

Marathon runner Dion Leonard made headlines when he bonded with a stray dog on a 155 mile race in China. Now, their story is being shared with the world. 

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This Bride Traded in Bouquets for Puppies

This Bride Traded in Bouquets for Puppies

This North Carolina bride decided to ditch flowers and carry adoptable puppies during a bridal photo shoot.

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Kristin Chenoweth with her new rescue dog, Thunder

Kristin Chenoweth: The Joys of Adopting a Rescue Dog

The popular actress, singer and friend to Guideposts introduces us to her new canine companion, a rescue dog named Thunder, and discusses the joy and comfort her dogs have brought her. Subscribe to Guideposts’ New Inspiring Pets Magazine ‘All Creatures’!

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Brandon McMillan Lucky Dog

What Brandon McMillan Learned about Life by Training Dogs

CBS’ 'Lucky Dog' host Brandon McMillan knows a thing or two about dogs. But he also has a few tricks for humans.

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