5 Fall Treats for Pets

Some adorable treats to share with your pet this fall. 

Posted in , Oct 25, 2010

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Autumn is a great time of year for pets. There’s Halloween and Thanksgiving, brightly colored leaves, gourds and mums, and that crispness in the air. Need ideas on how to celebrate this lovely season with your pup? Here are five ways you and your dog can share autumnal bliss!

1. Take a fall nature walk.
There couldn’t be a better time of year for walking with your dog. Find a nice path, grab a water bottle (and some for your furry friend) and go. Don’t forget your camera.

2. Play in the leaves.
Kelly and I love doing this together. She “helps” me rake, all the while getting piles of leaves tossed on her head. It might not be the most efficient way to clean up your yard, but it sure is fun.

3. Try a favorite fall food: pumpkin.
Believe it or not, canned pumpkin is really good for dogs. It’s packed with healthy vitamins and is filling without being fattening. Add a spoonful to your pup’s dinner for a treat.

4. Snuggle up in a fuzzy blanket.
When it’s time for a break, curl up beside your dog and wrap yourselves in a cozy blanket. An ear rub and a back scratch—just enjoy the comfort of relaxing together. This is best executed after the nature walk, or playing in the leaves.

5. Wear a costume.
Many pets love to wear a costume. If your dog enjoys this, go for it! Here’s my suggestion: in honor of Angels on Earth magazine, how about a halo and wings?

Kelly and I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!

Peggy Frezon, freelance writer and pet lover, has owned dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, hermit crabs, turtles and fish. Visit here twice monthly to read helpful tips on caring for your pets, and check out her blog, Peggy’s Pet Place, and follow her on Twitter @peggyfrezon.

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