5 Fall Tricks to Teach Pets

Halloween isn’t just for costumed kids.

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A dog with a large autumn leaf in his mouth

October is frighteningly fun month. Though they can’t eat candy, your pet will love to celebrate by learning these great fall tricks and games.

1. Carry a Goodie Bag.
If your dog is willing, have her carry a little canvas bag or Halloween basket in her mouth. When visitors arrive, she can show off her own version of trick or treat!

2. Beg.
While the kids are out collecting candy and goodies, your dog might want to beg for his own treats. Most dogs will readily sit up and beg if you dangle a tempting doggie cookie in front of them. Try baby carrots, apple slices and other healthy options too.

3. Play dead.
Acting out the scary scene in a movie might be right up your dog’s alley. To teach your dog to play dead, start off by asking her to lie down. Help position her on her side and say “Stay!” When she’s laid still for a few seconds, say “Good acting!” and give her a big hug as a reward.

4. Find it!
This trick will be fun for your dog and even some cats. To make this game more festive, use a bright orange ball, stuffed pumpkin, or other Halloween themed toy. Hide the toy outside in the leaves and say, “Find it!” Even if your pet doesn’t find the toy right away, they’ll have fun looking. 

5. Wear a Disguise.
A fun Halloween trick is to turn your dog into a different animal. I’ve seen bunny, shark, bumble bee and cow costumes at local pet stores. Or get creative and turn your dog into a cat!

Once you’ve trained your pet to perform these tricks, check back later this month for five fall treats!

Peggy Frezon, freelance writer and pet lover, has owned dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, hermit crabs, turtles and fish. Visit here twice monthly to read helpful tips on caring for your pets, and check out her blog, Peggy’s Pet Place and follow her on Twitter @peggyfrezon.

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