A Deaf Girl Teaches Her Deaf Puppy Sign Language

This little girl's friendship with a rescued pup proves the language of love needs no words. 

Posted in , Jul 7, 2016

Deaf girl teaches puppy to sign

If this story teaches us anything, it’s that love is a language all its own.

Julia and Walter, her four-legged best friend, were both born deaf. The two met after Julia’s mom saw a photo of the rescued pup on the Pasadena Humane Society’s Facebook page. Walter had arrived at the shelter last December after a good Samaritan found him and his littermates abandoned and decided to bring them in.

Once the pup was old enough to be put up for adoption, the shelter posted Walter’s photo on social media. It was love at first sight for Julia and her mom, who eventually adopted the dog and even shot a video sharing their journey of friendship, as reported by ABC News.

In the clip posted by the Humane Society, Julia’s mother recalls, “When I first held Julia, since she couldn’t really hear my voice she would smell my neck – and when I first held Walter, he did almost the exact same thing.” She continues, “I remember just looking at him and just knew that he was meant to be ours. They’re the same.”

The video shows Julia teaching Walter sign language commands for “sit,” “water” and “food,” and highlights the strong emotional bond the pair already shares. The shelter hopes the video encourages others to adopt and ends with a beautiful message: “there’s always someone out there for everyone.”

For Julia and Walter, that’s certainly true.

Take a look at the heartwarming video below:

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