A Doggie New Year's Resolution

Edward Grinnan shares some unusual New Year’s resolutions—his dog’s.

Posted in , Dec 31, 2015

New Year's Resolutions for your dog

Dear Guideposts People,

My name is Grace. Maybe you have heard of me. I am a golden retriever. My human is Edward Grinnan. He is helping me write this. So is Julee, who tells me to call her Mama. They usually call me Gracie. Sometimes they call me Goo-goo. I don’t know where that came from. I’m told I drool a lot.

As a puppy—I’m eight months old—I do many things I can’t help (and some things I can but don’t, I guess). I try. I really do. I just don’t think people get how irresistible dirty socks are. You have no idea!  So guard them with your life.

I joined my family in September. There had been another dog before me. Her name was Millie. Also a golden. Millie crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I don’t really understand that part but I know my humans were very sad. I had the strangest feeling I was sent to help them. I can’t explain that either. I just know that sometimes they need to hug me and even though it’s hard for me to sit still, I do my best, and I try not to mind if my coat gets a little damp.  

I know I am a good dog---or at least I’m told that about a hundred times a day—but I want to be better. I have heard people talking about New Year’s resolutions.  I think these could help me in my growth and development. So here are a few goals I am going to try and live up to in 2016. But remember, I’m not perfect.

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Observe Boundaries

I have a habit of running up to strangers and sticking my snout into whatever body surface is convenient. Not all people like this. Some actually howl. Likewise not every dog wants to play with me or be sniffed even though I want to play with them and sniff them. I have been growled at several times, which is humiliating. But I have to learn my limits.

Stop Chewing Rugs in the Middle of the Night

This is so wrong and I know it. But what else is there to do when the humans are snoring and disturbing my rest? It makes them very upset and I want to make them happy. I do too much forbidden chewing (Again, I’m sorry about your new Nikes, Mama). I will stop this behavior.  Soon.


Curb My Appetite

As my humans point out, they don’t get down on their hands and knees and stare at my food while I’m eating. So I guess I shouldn’t do that to them. I guess.

Love Is Patient

I can’t have everything I love all at once all the time. Sometimes one or both of my humans go away. I get sad. I forget they are coming back. They ALWAYS come back. I have to stop acting like it’s the end of the world. I don’t want them to feel guilty. I don’t think.  

Teach Others to Be Joyous and Free

That’s me in a nutshell so this one is kind of a gimme.  Still, I notice humans can be very stressed. There is no reason for this. I can help. Life is a blessing. It is the most incredible thing. Every single morning is the best morning ever and you really don’t need much to be happy…Food, Love, Hugs. And naps. It’s not complicated.

My humans do something called praying. I hope they will pray for me to be the best puppy I can be in 2016!

Happy New Year



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