A Dog’s Resolutions for the New Year (Good for Humans Too)

Avoiding porcupines and showing lots of love make the list.

Posted in , Dec 28, 2021

Gracie makes New Year's resolutions

Today’s guest blogger is Gracie Grinnan.

Hello! Me again! Gracie, Edward and Julee’s golden retriever. I was told that the last blog Edward helped me write about getting lost (and found!) was very popular. I guess there are people who keep track of these things. 

So, I’m back. The first blog—btw, why do people call them blogs? That’s a silly word. People say a lot of silly words, but I won’t go there. Anyway, that first blog Edward helped me with was way back when I was a puppy. So long ago! I had heard about these promises people make at the beginning of the year called resolutions. Since I was very concerned with my growth and development at the time, I shared some of my own with you. Again, also popular. That made me think you might want to know how I did (great!) and what my new resolutions are. 

First, the old ones. I promised to observe: 

Observe boundaries. Done! I’m extremely polite approaching both persons and other dogs and haven’t knocked anyone over in a long time. Good for me! 

Refrain from illegal chewing. You could call this a work-in-progress though in my opinion I am much improved. I can’t remember the last time I ate a TV remote, though Edward does. He needs to move on! I pretty much just chew my toys. Pretty much. I mean I try! I really do! Just don’t leave your socks and shoes in my floor area. I’m warning you.

Curb appetite. I don’t really want to talk about this one because I’m still always hungry. This will never change! Also, I still watch my humans closely when they eat though they don’t do that to me, as has been repeatedly pointed out. I’m working on this, I really am! 

Show patience. Yes, I’ve gotten much better at hiding my impatience. I try not to stare so much when I want something. Except sometimes people just can’t take a hint!

Now for the new resolutions I’m very excited about: 

Be a joy ambassador. This is something I have been working on since I noticed most people, even ones I have never met, are happy to see me…and that makes me happy. I have decided this is my purpose. To spread joy to everyone I meet and wag my tail like crazy. If I could make people as happy as I feel, I think the world would change. You should try it. 

Be gentle. Sometimes I forget how big I am. I must be careful around older people and small people. Walk softly but carry a big bark, I say. There is nothing like a big bark! I just have to remember not to startle people with it. Or wake them up.

Avoid porcupines. Twice! Twice it happened and once in my own yard! Ouch! Edward wrote about it and my resolution is that he will never have to write about it again. I can do better. Just leave them alone. Is that so hard?

Love more. What do I mean by this? You can never love or show love enough. I want to use up all the love I have to give. Nothing feels better than love, either giving it or receiving it. I don’t know which is better! I know I am supposed to be all grown up by six, but love makes my tail wag so much I practically fall over. I roll on my back and do crazy puppy zoomies and bark for no reason and whimper with joy. We all need to do more of this, please. 

Learn to open the fridge. Ha ha. Only kidding!

I have noticed these past couple of years have been a very hard time for humans and this has worried me. I don’t like to see anyone unhappy or lonely or sick. Even I get sad sometimes. But I know I will feel better. I am meant to be happy and loved. Call me naïve, but I think that is true for everyone. I hope 2022 brings you more than enough of both.  And don’t forget to bark and wag your tail whenever the spirit moves you.

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