Ever Alert for God's Instructions

An Oregon rancher praises the loyal readiness of her McNab cow dog, Blue Dog.

Posted in , Sep 21, 2012

Erika Bentsen

"Serve the Lord thy God with all they heart and with all thy soul."—Deuteronomy 10:12

To those who’ve never delighted in the companionship of a McNab cow dog, this breed has the intellect of a Mensa member, the cunning of Sherlock Holmes, the work ethic of John Henry, the do-or-die loyalty of Gunga Din and, with my Blue Dog, the finely tuned hearing of a bat.

Blue Dog comes with me as I go about my daily chores on the ranch. The thing I’ve noticed most about him is he’s always listening for commands. It doesn’t matter if I’m talking to someone else, to myself or to him. If he hears a command, he’s prepared to spring into action. And it doesn’t have to be meant as a command.

I was fixing a fence the other day, and when I finished splicing the broken wires, I said, “That’s it.” I must’ve run my words together because Blue Dog heard “sit” and immediately sat, watching me with his steely brown eyes, ready for my next instruction.

Another time Blue Dog was in the back of the pickup while I’d gotten out to close a gate. Someone came by and told me I could leave it open. I said, “Okay.” Blue Dog immediately sprang from the truck. Okay is his word to unload.

Blue Dog can be snoring on his bed, but if he even thinks he hears a command, he’ll leap to his feet. I’ve learned to be careful of what I say because I know, whether he’s asleep or awake, Blue Dog has one ear trained on me at all times, ready to obey.

Dear Lord, if only I would serve you like that, always listening for your instruction and ready to spring into immediate action, with all my heart and soul.


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