Love Letters from My Dogs

If my dogs Ike and Kelly took pen to paws, here's what they'd say...

Posted in , Feb 12, 2015

Kelly and Ike send Peggy a valentine!

I know my dogs love me. Yet, on this holiday, when we take an extra opportunity to tell those dear to us how much we love them, I wonder–what if my dogs could write valentines?

I imagined what they might say…


Dear Mom,

I want you to know that it’s not your fault that you’re not all furry, and you don’t have a bushy tail, or smell like bacon and dirty socks. Even with your imperfections, I still love you as much as any dog could love anyone, anywhere.

I knew from the first moment I met you, standing there looking over all of us dogs in search of forever homes. I saw at once that you were kind and gentle and would take good care of me. Dogs have a good sense about things like that. So I chose you.

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Yes, you give me food, and let me out, and take me on walks. But those aren’t the real reason why I love you. I love you because you throw my tennis ball for me practically as long as I want…but not quite, because I’m a retriever, and I’ll never tire of chasing my tennis ball.

I love that you let me cuddle with you in your chair, even though I know I’m too big to be a lap dog. And how when you’re working, you set your computer aside and tell me that I’m the best laptop.

I love you because when I come in from outside and my paws are all muddy, you don’t scold me for getting the kitchen floor dirty. You just softly wipe my feet and kiss the top of my head.

I love how you never fail to tell me that I’m a good boy. No bones about it, I’m a lucky dog that you’re my mom.

Happy Valentine’s Day.




To a Special Mother,

There are so many reasons why I love you, Mom, but the most important is because you’re obedient. I’ve got you trained pretty well now.

I no longer have to overturn my dinner bowl and bang it around the kitchen to remind you to fill it. When I whine at the back door, you jump up and let me out. Good girl!

And when you’re working, I simply have to push aside your papers and slap my paw on your keyboard so I can take you out for your walk.

You let me up on the furniture, and you don’t make me chase Ike’s stinky tennis balls.

Probably your best trick is fetching me treats when I perform such mundane tasks such as sitting (who can’t sit, duh) and lying down. Now if only I could teach you to fetch me a treat for napping.

Woofs and Love,


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