This Shelter Is Keeping Its Pups Comfy While They Wait for Their Forever Homes

Who knew something as simple as a chair could make all the difference for these shelter dogs?

Posted in , Oct 19, 2020

Shelter dog

When Buster Brown was returned to the Knox County Hu­mane Society in Gales­burg, Illinois, after his adoptive parents got divorced, he re­fused to go back into a kennel.

He insisted on not only staying by the front desk but also sitting in people’s chairs. So the staff got him his own seat—a big red armchair donated by a plumbing and ­heating compa­ny that was tossing its office furniture. The pit bull terrier mix was so happy loung­ing in his chair, the staff decided that all the dogs should have the same luxury.

In 2018, the no­-kill shelter posted vari­ous photos of Buster Brown in his chair on social media, hoping for a few more dona­tions. The response was unanticipated. Animal lovers near and far wanted to help give the dogs one of the comforts of home.

“It’s such a simple thing for a dog to sit in a chair,” says volunteer executive di­rector Erin Buckmas­ter. “But it was like no one had thought of this before.”

Individuals and or­ganizations dropped off chairs. Subaru sent a brand new recliner that the shelter saves for photoshoots and important occasions. More than 100 chairs have been donated in the past year. The ex­tras are stored away until they’re needed to replace one that’s unsafe or too tattered. The dogs aren’t picky about the look of the chairs that make their kennels cozy.

“It’s a soft place to rest that’s off the floor and warmer in the winter,” Erin says. She’s heard from other shelters wanting to do the same for their dogs. Now more and more shelter pups are wait­ing for their forever homes in cushioned comfort.

Buster Brown would be wagging his tail about that.

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