Gracie Jagler poses with some of her Doggie Delights

Meet the Young Boss Behind This Dog Treat Business

Gracie Jagler turned her love for dogs into a successful start-up.

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Kathryn and her pug, Max.

Praying for a Pet

Prayer helped this first-time dog mom and her pug through many challenges in life.

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Ginger with the Collin's family in their home.

Amazing Story of How a Lost Dog Made It Home

Their Dalmation disappeared after a tornado. Six years later, they had almost given up hope.

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Nanook the Wonder Dog

A Husky Who Rescues People in Alaska

Nanook is known to disappear for days at a time in the wilderness. He's got a good reason.

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Nanook the dog in the snow.

How This Dog Rescues People in the Alaskan Wilderness

Meet Nanook, an Alaskan husky who's more than just a pet—he's a canine hero.

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Getty Images

4 Famous War Dogs: A Tribute to Canine Heroes

These canines served their country bravely—entertaining troops in hospitals, alerting soldiers and so much more.

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The feeder's maze of ridges slows Ernest down when eating.

6 Pet Problem Solvers That Work

These products can help ease common pet behavior concerns

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B.J. and her pup, Charlie Bear.

How an Injured Bird Helped Her Cope with Grief

After a tragic loss, B.J. Taylor found healing with the animals in her life 

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Dogs on Netflix

‘Dogs’ on Netflix: The Surprising Personal Story Behind the Hit Show

How an attorney’s chance encounter with a stray pit bull led to the creation of the show Dogs.

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Grymek is always on call to help pamper and provide treats for canine competitors.

A Conversation with the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show's Concierge

Learn about how this attendant makes sure these canines get the best treatment before competing in the most famous dog show.

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Her Dog Taught Her to Let Go and Let God

Her Dog Taught Her to Let Go and Let God

Her faithful canine had wandered off, but she had to let go of her worry

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Photo credit: Todd Plitt

Meet the Westminster Dog Show’s Dog Concierge

Every February, Jerry Grymek attends to guests’ needs at the Hotel Pennsylvania at all hours. But not just any guests—dogs. Canine competitors of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show stay at the well-known New York City hotel and Jerry—known as the Dog Concierge—is on hand to make sure their stay is first-rate.

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