Bretagne 9/11 search and rescue dog dies

Remembering the Last 9/11 Search and Rescue Dog

Bretagne, a golden retriever and certified FEMA rescue dog, died at 16.

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Edward Grinnan trains Gracie on an underground electric fence and learns some lessons about boundaries and freedom.

How Boundaries Can Set Us Free

Training a golden retriever on an underground electric fence offers larger lessons on life.

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New Year's Resolutions for your dog

A Doggie New Year's Resolution

Edward Grinnan shares some unusual New Year’s resolutions—his dog’s.

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Guideposts Editor Edward Grinnan and his chewing-up-everything-in-sight puppy, Grace.

Puppy Love

She's adorable when not chewing up everything in sight—wait, where's the TV remote??

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Edward Grinnan and his new inspirational puppy, Grace.

The Inspirational Puppy

I felt something inside me give, something that had been clenched since the moment Millie died. 

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Edward and Grace, his new dog. Edward remembers the love of his pet, Millie, who recently passed away.

Remembering the Love of a Pet

What seemed to be an infuriating computer glitch at the moment of a pet's passing turned out to be something else.

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Edward Grinnan and his beloved golden retriever, Millie.

Losing a Pet After a Golden Summer

Saying goodbye to a beloved golden girl, Millie

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Labor Day Activities: Peggy Frezon's three pooch pals offer tips for having fun this holiday weekend.

15 Fun Dog-Inspired Labor Day Activities

Take a moment between holiday barbecues and getting ready for back-to-school to act on one (or more) of these Labor Day activities suggested by a trio of pooches!

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Guideposts: Peggy Frezon's dogs, Kelly and Ike!

11 Inspirational Dog Stories

At Edward Grinnan's invitation, dozens of readers sent in snapshots of their dogs. We hope these pictures and stories will inspire you.

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Guideposts: Edward Grinnan and his beloved dog Millie

Millie the Dog: My Angel of Inspiration

Pets are earthly angels, gifts from God to inspire us and bring us joy, wonder and pure love.

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Two dogs who love the 4th of July fireworks!

The Dog Who Loves the 4th of July

Most dogs crawl under the bed when Independence Day fireworks go off. Not my spaniel, Kelly!

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Edward Grinnan and his dog, Millie

My Dog, My Inspiration, Your Prayers

An invitation to post prayers for the pets and animals that you love.

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