Going on Vacation? What About the Pets?

Whether you're boarding, hiring a sitter or taking them with you, make sure they get the best of care.

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Take care of your pets on vacation.

Summer is the busiest travel season. If you’ve got pets, that means you need to take a few extra steps to plan for them. Here are some options:

1)   Board your cat or dog in a kennel.
Eileen Dooley, a first grade teacher from Colonie, NY, boards her 3-year-old golden retriever when she travels. She’s found the perfect solution—the kennels where Zak also goes to doggy daycare.

“It’s like going to play with his buddies during the day and then staying overnight. He loves it there. Workers take the dogs out in groups according to size for play. He gets several different play sessions during the day.”

Tip: Get recommendations and visit the kennels first Board your dog for a night as a trial run before you go.

2)  Have a pet sitter come to your home.
This works best for us because Kelly and Ike are seniors and don’t like a lot of changes or commotion. If possible, have a family member or trusted friend stay with your dog. A dependable college student who misses their pet back home may be a good choice.

Tip: Leave detailed instructions about your pet’s needs and routines. Be sure to include emergency contact information.

3)  Stay at a pet-friendly hotel.
A great source for pet-friendly traveling, Amy Burkert of Go Pet Friendly explains that some hotels are pet-tolerant, others are more friendly, and still others are over-the-top extravagant. Before booking a pet-friendly hotel, she recommends asking if there are weight and breed restrictions, how many pets are allowed per room and if there is an additional fee for pets.

Tip: “Pet friendly” doesn’t always translate to “cat friendly.” If you’re planning a trip with your feline travel companion, here is a list of nine cat-friendly hotel chains you can count on.

4)  Go camping or rent a house.
Many people choose to go camping with their dogs because campgrounds usually provide an easy environment and lots of activities to do with your pet.

Pamela Douglas Webster, a blogger at Something Wagging This Way Comes suggests renting a house for a nice getaway with your pet. A house will allow you comfort, privacy and the ability to cook meals at home. She adds, “Invite a few friends or family to share the cost and you’ve just got yourself a dog sitter if you decide to go out.”

Tip: Look for a pet-friendly city or town for vacationing. Leslie Olyott from the blog Bringing up Bella vacationed in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. “The shop-keepers set out water bowls on the sidewalks for visiting pups. Dogs are welcome in the parks, on many of the beaches and even at some of the restaurants.”

Happy vacationing!

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