Carrie Ann Inaba and Friends

Carrie Ann Inaba and Friends

The popular performer and Dancing with the Stars judge introduces us to some of her best buddies.

  • Carrie Ann Inaba cuddles with her pal, Buddy

    Carrie Ann with her pal Buddy

    “Sometimes people ask me, ‘You’re always smiling that big smile on TV, Where does all that positivity come from?’ ll let you in on a little secret. I pray before work. Backstage, getting ready to be a judge on Dancing With the Stars while I get my makeup on and make final adjustment to my gown. I always say the same prayer: God, thank you for all that is, was and will be.”

  • Carrie Ann Inaba waves to the audience from the set of Dancing with the Stars

    Carrie Ann on Dancing with the Stars

    Carrie Ann Inaba waves to the audience from the set of Dancing with the Stars; she's been with the show for all 20 of its seasons to date.

  • Carrie Ann spends some quality time with pooches Lola (in her lap) and Peanut looking over her shoulder

    Carrie Ann with Lola and Peanut

    “Faith is so basic and profound—it’s the ground I walk on,” says Carrie Ann with her rescue pups, Peanut and Lola (in lap). In 2012 Carrie Ann launched the Carrie Ann Inaba Animal Project to help rescue groups that were struggling with funding. The foundation sponsors say-and-neuter clinics, rooms for special-needs cats and new shelter construction. Visit for more info.

  • Carrie Ann Inaba poses with Peanut

    Carrie Ann and Peanut

    “I wanted to be a dancer, more than anything, but I was determined to find out other ways to share God’s love, to be an instrument of goodness. For me that meant animals, especially ones that were sick or mistreated or abandoned,” says our March cover celebrity, Carrie Ann Inaba, here in our exclusive photo shoot with her rescue dog, Peanut.


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