Frida the Rescue Dog Saved Lives in Mexico City

This canine went on a mission to find others in the destructive Mexico earthquake.

Posted in , Sep 26, 2017

Frida the rescue dog pictured in early September.

In the wake of the devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake outside Mexico City that claimed more than 300 lives on September 19, a bit of hope has emerged. Among the many rescue volunteers that searched through the rubble is Frida, a seven-year-old Labrador. This brave girl, who works with the canine rescue division of the Mexican Secretariat of the Navy, has detected 52 people and helped save 11 children at a collapsed school in southern Mexico City. She dons a pair of goggles to protect her eyes, a khaki harness, and doggie booties to protect her feet from the rubble.

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Frida’s efforts have received international acclaim since news of her work has gone viral across social media platforms. Some are even recommending that her picture should replace the famous Mexican painter Diego Rivera on the 500-peso note.

Enrique Pena Nieto from the office of the President recognized the brave canine’s bravery and determination on Twitter. Mexico City is still need of help, as the latest earthquake hit just two weeks after the country was recovering from an 8.1 magnitude earthquake—the strongest in a Century—farther south of Mexico City. Aftershocks also caused more damage to unstable buildings and areas. To help Frida and all the brave rescuers in Mexico City protect the people of Mexico, donate to Charity Navigator’s recommended list of local charities here.

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