The Healing Love of Animals

God is the Great Healer. And one way he cares for us is by sending loving pets.

Posted in , Apr 6, 2015

Peggy's spaniel, Kelly, in healing mode.

My golden retriever tested the unoccupied space on the big green chair with his paw, and slowly hauled himself up beside me. Nothing about his senior-mobility was quick. He lowered himself gingerly and placed his gangly legs across my stomach.

I’d been ill. The winter virus that had been going around settled in for a nice long stay with fever, coughing and congestion. I’d been to the doctor, who gave me some medication and told me to rest.

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Peggy being nursed by Kelly and Ike.My husband Mike had settled me the living room with a big glass of orange juice and a box of tissues and covered me with our softest fleece blanket. He kissed my forehead before leaving for work. “Call if you need anything.” We were all doing everything we could.

But, something else was happening.

Ike snuggled in tight against me. I felt the warmth of his body and the soothing rhythm of his breathing. I felt comforted and cared for. He sighed. I sighed. Soon my breathing matched his.

Then my spaniel, Kelly, joined us in the chair, her agile body lightly landing on the seat, then springing to her favorite perch on the back. Surrounded by my dogs, I relaxed in their soothing love.

Pets can be healing.

I wondered if they had somehow detected the virus in my body. After all, dogs are able to sniff out cancer and diabetes. Patting a dog can lower your blood pressure. And a cat’s purr is precisely calibrated to healing decibels. Or, maybe they just sensed that I wasn’t feeling well, and did what came naturally–covered me with love.

How wonderful to be covered with love. Just as our Heavenly Father does for us. God is the Great Healer. And one way he cares for us is by sending loving pets that can help us feel better, even at our lowest.

It wasn’t long before I was back on my feet again. Surely Ike and Kelly played a big, warm, furry part in my recovery.

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