This Penguin's Amazing Journey Proves the Bond Between Humans and Animals

Proof that there’s a very real bond between animals and humans

Posted in , Mar 15, 2016

How a man and a penguin became friends.

Last year, I worked on an incredible story about an elephant herd that paid tribute to wildlife conservationist Lawrence Anthony two days after his death.

Well, I have another animal wonder to report! A story that proves there’s a very real bond between humans and animals.

In 2011, João Pereira de Souza, a 71-year-old widower from Brazil, found an ailing penguin along the beach near his home. He saved the penguin’s life, even named him Jinjing. According to The Telegraph, they parted ways after nearly a year.

Months later, though, Jinjing was back! In fact, he’s been returning to his rescuer year after year, many miles to reach João in southeast Brazil.

Take a look at their touching love story in the video below. Plus, don’t forget to share your own animal “mysterious ways” in the comments.


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