Under the Table–A Thanksgiving Poem

For dogs and cats waiting for morsels from Thanksgiving tables everywhere

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Under the Table–A Thanksgiving Poem

Here's a special poem for all the furry paws under all the Thanksgiving tables!


Family gathers ‘round the table

Set with turkey, yams and dressing,

Holding hands and bowing heads

Thanking God for every blessing.


Platters steaming, bowls are brimming,

Dishes circle like a wreath.

Though the tabletop is tempting,

I’m drawn to something underneath.


At my feet I feel a tapping

A paw that tells me someone’s there.

Perhaps he’s hoping for a morsel.

But instead, I say a prayer.


Thank you God for furry paws

That sweetly nudge and jump and run.

Thank you for the tail that wags

Unceasingly, never done.


For ears that hear me drawing near,

For the nose so cold and wet,

The fur so soft (unless it rains)

That’s warm and comforting to pet.


For the eyes that tell me how he feels,

And the gaze I never tire of.

The tongue that kisses sloppily.

The faithful heart so full of love.


Thanksgiving is a time of year

Acknowledgments abound.

Appreciation multiplies

For loved ones all around.


So, I’m thankful for friends and family

And each gift God shall enable.

And I’m thankful for my loyal dog

Who waits underneath the table.

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