Lilac is Hannah's dream ride and platform for cartwheels and handstands.

A Cowgirl's Show Jumping Dream with Her Cow

Hannah Simpson has an unusual passion—soaring over obstacles with her bovine best friend named Lilac.

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Elena having fun wit her cat, Desmond.

How She Met Her Feline Friend Named Desmond

She knew that this kitten was meant to be hers.

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A bearded dragon

She Bonded with Her Grandson Over a Lizard

Now that she lived far away, she worried that she and her grandson, Luke, were losing their connection—until she showed an interest in Luke's pet, a bearded dragon named Rex

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Stephen, Gwen and their pups in the Dog Chapel.

This Artist Tells Us How The Dog Chapel Came to Be

Leaving a legacy with the Dog Chapel, Stephen Huneck tells us about his journey back home to Vermont.

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7 Tips Before You Adopt a Shelter Dog

7 Tips Before You Adopt a Shelter Dog

Adopting a shelter dog is one of the most gratifying experiences but there are some tips and tricks for making sure the process goes smoothly so that you can avoid any issues and just focus on bonding with your new family member.

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'Caring for dogs has given Caleb a real purpose in life,' his mom says

How a Yellow Lab Helped a Special-Needs Teen

See how a dog named Xander helped Caleb Griswold become the Mayor of Muttland Meadows.

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Woman holding cat

9 Cat Behaviors You've Always Been Curious About, Explained

Strange sounds, peculiar quirks, weird rituals, these are the strangest cat behaviors you've always been curious about, explained. 

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The Dog Chapel, a sanctum of loving memories.

Dog Chapel: A Sanctuary of Loving Pet Memories

This special place was created as a place of reflection to remember and honor departed dogs.

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Two stray cats on the lookout.

City Cats Go After Rats in Washington D.C.

Blue Collar Cats places feral felines in homes and businesses to control the rodent population.

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A senior woman with a hen on her shoulder.

HenPower: A Unique Program Inspires Creativity in Seniors

Working with hens in a nursing home setting helps the elderly cope with dementia and loneliness.

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Robin feeds her brood of animals.

A Special Bond with a Depressed Donkey

After the death of her son, the author opened a farm sanctuary and helped a despondent animal heal from a similar tragedy.

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Petey (left) and Ernest enjoy a snowy outing.

How to Help Your Pets and Wildlife This Winter

Keep animals safe and warm this season with these helpful tips.

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