Karen, her husband, Donald, and their Lab, Toby

Author Karen Kingsbury: The Puppy That Came for Christmas

Could her husband, still grieving a beloved family pet, open his heart to a new dog?

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W. Bruce Cameron with his dog Tucker

W. Bruce Cameron Opens Up About His New Book and His Lifelong Devotion To Dogs

The best-selling author and screenwriter of A Dog’s Purpose keeps the adventures of the beloved Bailey going.

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Photo credit: Steve Koss

This Heaven-Sent Horse Healed Her Family

An elderly palomino befriends a lonely paint horse and brings hope after the death of a beloved pet. 

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Photo credit: Shevaun Williams

How Roaches Help Her Cope with a Debilitating Disease

This 12-year-old, who has Neurofibromatosis, happily keeps 5,000 cockroaches in her bedroom.

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Photographed for Guideposts by Larsen and Talbert

8 Celebrities Who Adopted Rescue Dogs

These actors, singers and news anchors have a soft spot for pups in need.

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Photo credit: Steve Koss

How God Brought Her Horses Together

After LeAnn Convis’s horse Storm lost her pasture mate, she searched endlessly for another horse to adopt but none felt like the right fit. It was when she went to buy more grain that the store clerk told her about a golden palomino named Kado, who lived just 10 minutes away and needed a retirement home. Will he be a good companion to Storm?

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A group photo of three different breeds of dogs and a cat together.

Celebrating the Blessing of the Animals

A service for all creatures in honor of St. Francis.

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Rippin the cat

How a Cat Helped Her Hold on to Her Faith

She thought she was losing her son to addiction until a feline friend helped them all on the road to recovery. 

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Rachel, Wesley and Josie

Could a Dog Help Her Son With Autism?

She feared she was not up to raising a special-needs child, but a heaven-sent Aussiedoodle puppy stepped up to lend a hand.

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Andy, Rachel, Wesley and Josie (from right to left)

How a Dog Helped Her Son with Autism

Rachel Webb Turner shares how bringing a dog into her home enabled her son Wesley, who has autism, to connect with the world around him.

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A golden retriever taking taking in the fresh air out of a car window.

10 Sentimental Quotes for Every Dog Lover

Whether it's greeting you at the door or being there for you when you're down, the special pups in our lives have a great impact on our lives. Here are 10 of our favorite quotes from famous authors that sum up exactly how we feel about our canine pals. 

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Joanne Lefson and the artist.

This Pig's Paintings Sell for Thousands of Dollars

Pigcasso's masterpieces help fund her animal farm sanctuary. 

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