Carol with her longtime friend Tarra

She Founded North America's Largest Elephant Sanctuary

Her love for one elephant launched Carol Buckley on a mission to save others.

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A Rhode Island Red rooster

Abraham, a Rooster to Remember

She finally had the chickens she'd dreamed of, but she couldn't imagine what she'd learn from a rooster.

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The Hance Family

How the Hance Family Turned Their Home into an Animal Sanctuary

They moved from Fort Worth to a farm in Weatherford, Texas, for more space. They never imagined they would start rescuing animals.

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Josh with wife Becky, daughter Penelope Iris and feline friend Theo

The Comfort Cat Who Saved an Iraq Veteran's Life

Traumatic brain injury and PTSD had left this veteran feeling hopeless, but a stray cat gave him a reason to live.

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Kamryn (left) and Korbin pose with two of the Hances' rescued animals

Life on the Farm: Five Kids and a Menagerie of Rescued Animals

Wanting more space for their big family, Natasha and Kirk Hance moved from the city life in Fort Worth to a small farm in Weatherford, Texas. Soon after settling in, their farm became a place for all creatures to call home.

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Peggy's granddaughter Grace with her dog, Ernest

8 Tips for Introducing Your Grandchild to Your Pet

All Creatures columnist Peggy Frezon offers some tips for introducing your grandchildren—or any child that visits your home often—to your pets.

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Guideposts staffer Doug Snyder pets one of his porcine pals at Pennsylvania's Ross Mills Farm

Finding Peace and Calm at a Pig Sanctuary

Twice a year, Guideposts staffer Doug Snyder takes a retreat to the Ross Mill Farm, a pig sanctuary in eastern Pennsylvania, to commune with his porcine pals.

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Peggy Frezon with a canine pal

4 Tips for Coping with Your Pet's Medical Diagnosis

Author and pet expert Peggy Frezon offers four tips for how to deal with the news that your beloved pet's health is at risk.

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A penguin uses its beak to manipulate a touch screen.

Why These Animals Use Touch Screen Technology

Scientists have learned that humans aren’t the only creatures who love touch screens.

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Harold and his loyal companion, Phelan

A Christmas Miracle in Bethlehem

A couple, a veteran and a dog come together in unlikely fashion at a Pennsylvania holiday arts and crafts festival.

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Dillie is best buds with black standard poodle, Willie, pictured here with Melanie’s husband, Steve.

Meet Dillie the Deer

When a three-day-old blind fawn was brought into veterinarian Melanie Butera’s emergency clinic in 2004, she feared the fragile creature wouldn't survive. Since then, Dillie the deer has captured the world’s attention.

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Hailey told her mom, 'If God can get Hunter for me, surely he can take care of me.'

The Golden Retriever Who Came for Christmas

There was only one thing her sick little girl wanted for Christmas, but how would they manage to fulfill her wish?

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