Random Acts of Kindness to Do for Your Friends

February 17 is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. Here are some kind things you can do for your friends.

Posted in , Feb 17, 2017

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February 17 is National Random Acts of Kindness Day!  It's a special holiday that originated in New Zealand with the purpose of creating a ripple effect of kindness throughout the world. Though many use the day to do something kind for strangers, it's good to remember that charity starts at home. Deepen your relationships with friends and family by doing these simple acts of kindness with no strings attached.

1) Volunteer to give them a break

Everyone could use a self-care day! Volunteer to take something off of their plate so they can go and take care of themselves. Watch the kids while your friend goes to the spa or out to dinner. Run some errands for them so they can relax. If your friend is stressed but has somewhere they need to be, offer to drive them there to take a little of the pressure off of them. 

2) Send them a gift through the mail.

Whether it's a lovely card or beautiful flowers, receiving an unexpected gift through the mail can brighten anyone's day. Consider your friend's personality when choosing a gift. If you aren't sure whether receiving something like flowers in front of co-workers would embarrass them, opt for a card or gift in a sealed envelope or box that they can open at their discretion. Make sure it's something that speaks to the nature of your relationship, fill it with love, without an expectation of reciprocity.

3) Get them dinner

At the end of a long day, the last thing people want to worry about is dinner. Whether you invite them over for a meal or take them out to eat at their favorite restaurant, preparing dinner plans for them--paying attention to what they like and don't like and what their dietary restrictions are--can be a great gift. Find out which days work best for them and make a dinner date they won't forget!

4) Plan a friends' day

It can be hard for groups of friends to get together when life gets in the way. Find a babysitter for all of your kids, leave the significant others at home and plan a day of fun and relaxation that all of you will enjoy together. It will give you time to reconnect and show your friends that they are still priorities for you.

5) Ask your friends what they need

Sometimes it can be hard for friends to ask for help when they really need it. Stave off unwarranted embarrassment or shame by simply asking them if there's any way you can help them out. Maybe they have a very clear way that you can help them or maybe they just need someone to listen to them without judgment. Feeling heard and understood is a great gift.



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